Souvenirs of Marseille

The city of Marseille is part of the Provence region of France. It’s local culture and products are also the culture and products of Provence.  The culture of Provence is incredible closely tied to food and agriculture.  The Mediterranean diet is named for the food that grows locally here.

Foods. Many of these are available in the outdoor markets and are ready for suitcase packing: olive oil, tapenades, herbs de provence, garlic braids.

Wines, etc. Other local specialties to look for are lavender sachets ‘savon de marseille’ olive oil soaps, Pastis, and Cote de Rhone wines.

Three particular souvenirs.

  • Provence fabric table linens that are sold in the outdoor markets year-round;
  • Santons that are sold in special markets at Christmas time; and
  • Anything having to do with the local soccer team OM (Olympique Marseille)!


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